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Weight loss tips you should ignore

Ingesting tapeworms is just one of the weight loss tips you may want to avoid.

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A 300-mile pilgrimage at age 82? No problem!

A zest for life keeps Peggy McCarthy thriving during her golden years.


Little free pantries work as community food banks

One Rotary Club’s small but mighty step toward combating food scarcity.


Everything you want to know about Down syndrome

History, causes, decades of shocking stigmatization. Yep, it’s all here.

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“Best by” dates on food explained

Do you toss food out after it passes the “best by” date? Well, don’t!

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Healers Pet Care goes from basement to big time

Booties for an injured dog’s paws inspired this entrepreneurial success story


Everything you should know before getting an eye exam

The eyes may not be a window into your soul, as the old proverb goes, but they’re definitely a window into your whole body.

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Splash Canine Hydrotherapy helps disabled pets thrive

Dogs, cats and even a one-off pig get healing benefits from hydrotherapy.


Ear infections explained: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Bad breath and snoring can be signs of ear infections? Who knew, and what else is there to know?

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13 signs you are taking too many prescriptions

Maybe you need all your medications, and maybe you don’t. Here’s how to know.

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Everything you wanted to know about CPAP machines

They’ve come a long way, baby. CPAP machines, that is. Learn the latest about these often lifesaving devices.

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14 signs your brain is aging faster than you are

Senior moment or a sign that dementia is setting in? Here’s how to tell the difference.

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Symptoms of a stroke you shouldn’t ignore

A splitting headache, hiccups, and vision changes are just a few of the symptoms to watch for.
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Myths you should stop believing about frozen foods

Find out why it’s time to give the chilly aisle of the grocery store a second chance.

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Older adults share their pandemic experiences

Focus group members offer their often heart-wrenching stories about life during the pandemic.

Generations Journal, American Society on Aging

Live well and thrive

Patients tell how Kaiser Permanente helps them live life to the fullest.

Healthy Together, Kaiser Permanente

Cardiology program at the heart of saving lives

Kaiser Permanente leads the way in cardiology breakthroughs.

Healthy Together, Kaiser Permanente

A passion for fitness can begin with small steps

A previously creaky and obese 69-year-old’s journey toward better health. Plus 11 tips to help you age well.

Vitality, Group Health

Why is exercise so good for you?

The “how” behind the benefits of being active.

Northwest Health, Group Health

Aging with energy and enjoyment

Finding a fulfilling path through retirement.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente

Quitting the smoking habit—for good

Long-time smokers share their quitting success stories.

Northwest Health, Group Health

Got diabetes? We’ll help you manage it.

Success requires a big commitment from the patient.

Northwest Health, Group Health

Overcoming isolation during the pandemic

Newfound virtual skills help seniors stay connected.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente

Dog Gone Seattle rescue stages shelter “jail break”

Road trip spanning 2,376 miles saves 20 Death Row dogs.

Disco skater rolls again with new knee

Senior says yes to outpatient knee replacement surgery.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente

Fitness and friends are two secrets to longevity

Staying active and engaged have kept this 98-year-old going strong.

Healthy Together, Kaiser Permanente

Virtual visits can address many health concerns

Kaiser Permanente members give thumbs-up to virtual care.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente

There’s no place like home

Ways to stay safe and healthy while aging at home.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente

Pandemic calls for fitness creativity

From virtual workouts to weed-whacking, seniors keep moving.

Vitality, Kaiser Permanente