What colleagues say about Ginny

“Ginny is an exceptional writer whose contributions played a pivotal role in the successful revamp of our website. Her writing skills are outstanding; she consistently produces engaging, clear content that resonates with our audience. What sets Ginny apart, though, is her remarkable ability to adapt her writing style, tone, and length to suit any given platform or audience. Beyond her writing prowess, Ginny’s professionalism, punctuality, and collaborative spirit made our project seamless and thoroughly enjoyable. I wholeheartedly endorse Ginny for any writing project; her talent and unwavering dedication are impressive.”

Helen Yeager
Co-Chair, Mill Reef Fund

“Ginny Smith does indeed write – with a flair and precision that bring her subjects to life. We hired Ginny to write copy for our charity’s new website. By launch, we had engaged her to continue to write all of our charity’s communications, including solicitations, newsletters and website updates. She is a self-starter and a quick learner, researching on her own the background and details that enhanced her understanding of our donée organizations. She brought us new ideas to deepen the site, and was organized, professional, collaborative, thoughtful, responsive, and cheery throughout. Ginny easily went beyond her 100%.”

Sloan Simmons
Co-Chair, Mill Reef Fund

“When a client reached out to me about designing a large nonprofit website, I knew I wanted Ginny on board to handle the copywriting. Having worked on another project and knowing the quality and breadth of her work and ability to tell a heartwarming and captivating story, I knew she’d be excellent in this role. Ginny handled this large project with gusto, grace, and professionalism, even taking on project management tasks that needed to be done without asking. Not only is she an incredibly talented website writer and content creator, she is a great partner for projects! She is communicative, organized, detail-oriented and always has a positive outlook. Working with Ginny is always easy, fun and I know I can rely on her to get the job done, and done well. I look forward to future web projects with Ginny.”

Cindy Bouchard
Owner, Flip Flop Freelance

“Ginny is one of my favorite writers to work with. Her natural curiosity and friendly approach dissolves any tension in an interview, and she asks great questions that get down to the heart of any topic. When assigned a project she thoroughly researches the subject and utilizes all the resources at hand. She doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions, and does so in ways that generate trust and honesty in her subjects. As a collaborative partner, Ginny is exceptionally graceful at offering and receiving feedback, resulting in strong working relationships and high-quality bodies of work.”

Jessie Wylie
Lead Creative Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

“Ginny brings a charming combination of enthusiasm and humility to each of her projects. And she possesses a rare and valuable blend of aptitudes: competent healthcare writing proficiency and expressive creative thinking ability. She partners extremely well with art directors and other writers in equal measure and brings solid insights to the table for team utilization. Her ability to connect and understand the customer’s needs is amazing.

Ginny never loses sight of the strategic intent of her communication. In the eight years I have had the pleasure of working with her, she’s made significant and lasting contributions to her creative team, her account team counterparts, and the clients they served. No matter what type of project you give her, she will absolutely blow you away with the result. Her deep experience writing and creating content coupled with her bright personality and keen mind make her a great collaborator and a joy to work with.”

Sylvie Riner
Medicare campaign manager, kaiser permanente

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Ginny Smith over the last several years. During this time, I have found her to be a highly collaborative team member who asks thoughtful questions to get to the heart of what the objective is, and to ensure that we convey the information in a clear and understandable way to the targeted audience. She is also someone that can be counted on to bring forth ideas and suggestions that make whatever project we’re working on together the best it can be. She is a strong contributor and we are so fortunate to have her on our marketing team.”

Rick Henshaw
Director of Individual and Medicare Sales, Kaiser Permanente

“Ginny is one of the most thoughtful writers I’ve worked with. She’s a role model when it comes to asking insightful questions, developing creative that is accurate, clear, and relevant, and also holding other creatives to those same high standards. She’s a tremendous wealth of industry knowledge and quick to ideate new ways of delivering information to the right audience, at the right time, in the right way. A creative force to any team, Ginny is also a genuinely kind and delightful coworker.”

Kelly Nightingale
Senior Writer, Kaiser Permanente

“I have had the privilege to partner with Ginny on many projects over the years. Her investigative approach, care in dealing with clients, and precision writing skills not only enriched the projects but brought out the best in people. Ginny is a true talent.”

Mike Buckley
Project Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“Ginny is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever known in my 40+ years as a marketing and communications professional. And I should know. I hired her and supervised her for years as Editorial Manager at Group Health Cooperative and then Kaiser Permanente. She needs minimal direction, is a great storyteller and interviewer, and is the only writer I’ve ever worked with that needed almost no editing. Grammar, structure, organization, on brand, and heart—it was all there in the draft every time. Always on time, professional, good natured. And the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. She sets the standard for others to meet.”

Patricia Bailey
Editorial Manager, Group Health Cooperative and Kaiser Permanente