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Ginny was the copywriter for this nonprofit’s large and all-new website.

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Health care innovation in action

Innovation and growth are alive and well at Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente

Why choose Kaiser Permanente?

Executive tells how Kaiser Permanente helps her busy family thrive.

Kaiser Permanente

Pharmacy optimization takes next steps

Putting a positive spin on a shrinking pharmacy network.

Physicians passionate about community health

Doctors tell how they work to improve health care, at home and abroad.

Columbia Medical Associates becomes Kaiser Permanente

This acquisition and consolidation of facilities required a careful spin.


Recognizing top doctors

Exceptional doctors tell of advancements in care.

Kaiser Permanente

New health plan maximizes choice (B2B)

Brochure helps brokers understand complex plan.

Kaiser Permanente

Virtual care is new plan’s focus (B2B)

Online care helps employees cut costs.

Kaiser Permanente

Find your healthy place (B2C)

Enrollment guide explains benefits of Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente

Hello, Seattle: Shaping the future of health care

After Kaiser Permanente’s acquisition of Group Health Cooperative, this flyer helped introduce the organization to the Seattle City Council.

Kaiser Permanente

Getting started with Kaiser Permanente (B2C)

Step-by-step guide helps new members connect.

Kaiser Permanente

Understanding grief (B2C)

This booklet is an in-depth guide for those grieving the death of a loved one.

Kaiser Permanente

Investing in healthy kids (B2B)

School-based health centers help students succeed and thrive. This flyer highlights the many benefits of the program.

Trailblazers in transforming health care (B2C)

This booklet commemorates highlights of Group Health’s pioneering past. It was produced shortly before Group Health was acquired by Kaiser Permanente and was a leave behind at the organization’s last annual meeting.

Group Health